Islamic Studies

Studying Islam has been priority of every Muslim. IslamicTuition has designed a course for this purpose. This course includes basic teachings is Islam. It comprises of basics from Islamic faith, practices and different topics of human life which are explained in the light of Holy Quran, Prophetic Sunnah and bright signs of Islamic history. This course will inculcate basic concepts of the religious practices.

Every Muslim should learn basic knowledge of Islam. In this course we provide knowledge of fundamental teachings of Islam. It will provide guidelines for common practices of daily life of a Muslim. Specially, it is important for kids so that they may start their education to build their personality in according with Islamic philosophy.
The syllabus of this course includes:

  • Fundamental faith of Islam
  • Some Quranic verses with translation and interpretation (Tafseer)
  • Some Ahadith with explanations
  • Six kalimas
  • Prayers regulations
  • Some daily life duain according to Prophetic Sunnah

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