Terms of Service

  • By registering on IslamicTuition.us you agree to our terms and conditions. We request our valued customers to go through them prior to commencement of  their classes. Our Terms of Service include the following points:

    • After completion of free trial, students must pay fee to continue with the course.
      The trail classes are absolutely free.
    • During the trial, our teachers accentuate teaching techniques
    • The classes will be ceased, if the monthly fee is not submitted.
    • In case of a real difficulty, you must report to course administrator (with valid reason) about delay in payment.
    • If you have missed some classes, you can request for makeup classes.
    • Under any circumstances, the number of makeup classes will not exceed five.
    • If you are inspired from a teacher and wish to continue your studies with same teacher, you must inform in advance, so that reservation could be made possible.
    • You (student) show up class otherwise you will be marked absent.
    • us possesses the right to add or remove any of the teachers the administration wants at any time.
    • Students should not to exchange any personal details with their teachers. We shall not be responsible for consequences.
    • The fee may be increased at the rate of six to seven percent annually.
    • Eid days are believed as the public holidays for the students as well as for teachers.



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